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Clive Robin SarstedtClive Robin Sarstedt


Born Clive Robin Sarstedt 21st January 1944

It all started in Ajmeree, Rajastan, Northern India............


Clive and his two older brothers Richard Sarstedt, Peter Sarstedt and younger sister Lorraine, along with their two older step sisters Pam and June (From Alberts first marriage) were all born in India.

In 1943 parents Coral and Albert moved their family to Kurseong near Darjeeling in the foothills of Mount Everest to manage a large tea plantation. The family spent 4 years in this picturesque setting, when the children were old enough they were sent to boarding schools in the mountain regions. They then moved to Calcutta in 1947 where they also attended boarding school.  In March 1954 the familly then moved to England, Clives father left India first to arrange things before their move but tragically died prior to their arrival.

Clives family had a musical background, his mother and grandmother had been trained in classical music and his father played a variety of instruments. Clive and his brothers formed a skiffle group and called themselves the Fabulous 5, they played in coffee bars and youth clubs around London.At just 14 he started gigging with Jeff Beck. At 15 he toured the club circuit in Hamburg at the same time as the Beatles. During the 60's he played lead guitar and backing vocals with eldest brother Eden Kane. Living in Sweden he played with top rock band "Savage Rose" and also " The D.J.S". By the 70's Clive was writing his own material and released two very successful albums Clive Sarstedt 1 and 2.

Apart from working with his brothers he has worked Jim Gordon, Alan Gorrie, Chris Spedding, Cosy Powell and Jerry Lee Lewis. Abroad Clive was making so many successful singles we did not get to hear him in the U.K. until "My resistance is low" reached No.2 spot in 1976.

He has made numerous guest appearances on T.V. shows including "Top of the Pops" which inspired his own TV show which had a six week run.

More recent albums include "Something for the weekend" and "You must remember this!"

Clive now splits his time between London and Southern Spain.